How-to: Combat the first signs of Ageing

From the age of around 25 the first signs of ageing start to appear. These could be fine lines around the eyes, mouth or forehead, or loss of density and volume to the skin.

While some of these may be genetic and unavoidable, others can be treated via good basic skincare.

Using an eye serum, face serum, eye moisturiser and face moisturiser for instance, will keep skin happy, healthy and hydrated and help delay further signs of ageing.

Cleansing with a balm such as our Nourishing Cleansing Balm, a water-soluble balm that becomes a rich cream for example, will deeply replenish while providing increased nourishment to feed the skin.

While moisturising with something high in antioxidants, such as Green Tea will boost collagen production and help firm and smooth.

Our Regenerating Moisture Complex is perfect for maturing or stressed skin prematurely ageing, as ingredients like Sea Amber and Willow Bark will stimulate cell renewal to leave skin soft, supple and rejuvenated.

Introducing a face oil into your night-time skincare routine once or twice a week as a treat for the skin will enhance the benefits of your other products, while providing your skin with a huge surge of hydration.

Although good skincare maybe the foundation to combating the first signs of ageing, other lifestyle factors should be considered too.

Meaningful lifestyle changes such as giving up smoking or getting enough sleep, as well as turning off devices before bed can all help aid the quest to the fountain of youth.

Quality sleep can ease stress, anxiety and tension allowing us to wake feeling more energised, rested and alert.

It also has the power to make us look younger. We all know how one bad night’s sleep can leave us looking dull and lifeless – so give yourself a head’s start with plenty of sleep.

Cut down on caffeine which can be dehydrating to the skin, and replace this with water and herbal teas.

Check your diet. Instead of calorie counting and eliminating fats from your diet, concentrate on eating good fats that will improve the texture and appearance of your complexion. Avocado, coconut oil, oily fish, nuts and seeds all have the added benefit of improving memory and joint health – so make sure you’re getting enough and keep your insides youthful too.

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