Our Expert Haircare Tips

Have you ever wondered why your hair seems so lacklustre, unruly, or just plain having a bad hair day?

Follow these simple, yet effective, hair care tips and discover standout shine, enviable condition and beautiful vitality.

Dial down your Shower

A too-hot shower encourages over-production of oil and sweat glands on the scalp, which can make your hairstyle flop.

Make time for Massage

When washing your hair, spend a little time giving yourself a head massage – this will increase blood flow to the hair follicles which helps stimulate healthy growth.

Cover every Strand

Comb through your conditioner in the shower – it ensures the product reaches every strand.

Keep the air Cooler

Having your hairdryer on too high a setting compromises hair’s structure – turn it down and you’ll soon see a big visible difference to its health.

Go Natural

Use a hairbrush with natural bristles, as they’re less damaging or likely to induce frizz.

Feed your hair to Health

Encourage fuller, thicker hair by opting for foods containing high quality protein (chicken and fish), iron (red meat and spinach) and Omega 3s (salmon and nuts).

The Perfect Accompaniment

It’s been a bestselling beauty icon for over 20 years – Pink Hair and Scalp Mud is the ideal treatment for when your locks are really feeling the effects of the weather or over-styling.

Apply once a week – leaving it on for 20 minutes or overnight, if preferred – and wave goodbye to dry, lacklustre, damaged hair.

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