Best Routine for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin, as in true sensitive skin you were born with rather than sensitised skin caused by pollution, stress and chemicals for example, is possibly one of the toughest skin types to manage. More delicate and prone to conditions such as Rosacea, Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Eczema, sensitive skins are often very reactive – becoming red and irritated quite quickly.

A difficult process of elimination as to what products can and can’t be used – follow our sensitive skin routine to calm, soothe and leave your complexion beautifully protected and reaction free.


Hot or warm water can exacerbate reactive skins, therefore only cleanse with cool or tepid water, and avoid rubbing with cotton wool pads or muslin cloths.

Instead use a milk or lotion you can wash off. For example, Hydrating Cleansing Milk has all the benefits of a milk, with its Marshmallow and Chamomile to comfort and soothe and Sweet Almond to deeply nourish, but can be removed by splashing with cool, tepid water.

If you want to exfoliate however, make sure to do this once a week only by adding a little Refining Skin Polish to your Hydrating Cleansing Milk. This will make for a more gentle application.


Toning really helps the skin prepare for moisture, and is a vital step. Calming irritation and bringing relief to the skin, Hydrating Floral Spafresh Spritzer allows you tone without the abrasive nature of applying with a cotton pad.

Enriched with pure essential oils to nourish and help maintain the skin’s natural pH, mist over the face, neck and décolleté to protect against dehydration and help any serums, treatment oils or moisturisers absorb better.


Much like the soothing nature of a toner, as non-reactive as possible, a moisturiser should ease sensitivity while providing hydration. Repair & Restore Intenstive Serum and Repair & Restore Moisturiser deeply hydrate, soften and strenghthen the skin to restore balance and a healthy looking complexion.

However, sensitive skins should never leave the house without SPF protection. Even in the winter. Environmental aggressors can be really harmful, so use SPF as an extra layer against the elements. Helping to treat and protect against environmental pollution, wind, heat and cold.


As an added barrier, or to treat already reactive conditions, a treatment balm or cream is essential for times of need. Skin Rescue Balm is a super-rich balm that can be applied to the face and body as required to strengthen dry, uncomfortable skin and help aid the healing process.

Keeping hydrated by drinking enough water will also help with reactions, so too will eating a well-balanced diet. But also ensure you’re patch testing any new product where you can, and avoid constrictive or itchy fabrics.

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