No Plastic Microbeads

With talk in the press about the inclusion of plastic microbeads in beauty products and their impact on the environment, here at ESPA we’re proud to say, none of our products contain plastic microbeads.

Harmful to aquatic life and their ecosystems, the UK government announced plans to ban plastic microbeads in both cosmetic and cleaning products by the end of 2017.

What are plastic microbeads?

Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic commonly used as exfoliators in many personal care products – from toothpastes to shower gels.

What’s the issue?

It’s been reported over 680 tonnes of plastic microbeads a year are used in the UK alone, with a single shower resulting in 100,000 plastic particles entering the ocean.

Unable to be filtered by water treatment plants, these particles end up in our rivers, lakes and oceans.

Absorbed or consumed by sea life, they’re passed along the marine food chain – potentially ending up in the food we eat.

Microbeads also contribute to the already significant problem of the breakdown of larger plastics in the environment – and as a result, plastic microbeads are being banned in the USA, Sweden and Canada, with campaigns underway to also ban them in the European Union and Australia.

There are no plastic microbeads in ESPA products

When reading about our products you may have noticed references to beads, spheres or pearls, which are used for a variety of reasons – mainly as skin exfoliants, but also to hold UV filters or essential oils.

However, every bead, pearl or sphere is 100% naturally derived. For example:

Refining Skin Polish and Clarifying Skin Scrub

We use: Diatomaceous Earth

Why we like it: These perfectly round spheres gently but effectively exfoliate to help clear pores, lift impurities, balance uneven tone and stimulate cell renewal without damaging your skin.

Optimal Skin ProCleanser

We use: Jojoba Spheres

Why we like them: Jojoba Spheres are waxy in consistency, enabling them to gently exfoliate and then melt into your skin to leave it clear, nourished and smooth.

Invigorating Body Reviver

We use: Bora Bora Sand and Rice Powder

Why we like them: The combination of these fine particles delivers a thorough polishing action leaving you with incredibly soft skin.

Salt Scrubs

We use: Salt and Sea Salt

Why we like them: The two different particle sizes work together to remove dry, rough skin cells and help clarify the skin.

Rest assured, we continually strive to work with the environment and not against it, to provide you with the most natural and effective skincare possible.

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