Aroma Focus: Bergamot and Jasmine

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for medical, cosmetic and dietary purposes, offering both a physical and emotional benefit.

Blended into many of our products, and part of our Tri-Active™ range, here we focus on our bath and body favourite, Bergamot and Jasmine.


Produced in the north Italian town of Bergamo, Bergamot has a unique citrus aroma. Not possible to grow new trees from seed, young shoots are grafted to the roots of other citrus trees such as Orange or Lemon to propagate.

Known for its refreshing, uplifting and nurturing properties, Bergamot is also relatively relaxing – making it a great bath and shower combination. Deeply cleansing too, it’s ideal for oily or problematic complexions.

However, although certain grades can be phototoxic – meaning they react to UVA/UV light, we use a select grade of Bergamot Oil that does not contain the reactive components making it safe to use in our products.


Rose is often considered to be the ‘Queen of Oils’, so here we bring you the ‘King’.

Cultivated in Morocco, Egypt and India, Jasmine is a luxurious and precious oil. Often very expensive to produce due to the delicate and time critical extraction process – flowers are gathered at night when the fragrance is more powerful.

It’s rich, floral and sweet aroma are used to uplift and relax.

A great Bergamot companion, often said to be warming, Jasmine is known for its relaxing and restful effect on both body and mind.

To try other products containing this beautiful duo, take a look at our Purifying Micellar Cleanser and Nourishing Conditioner.

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