At-Home Facial Ritual

Longing for a facial but don’t have the time? Enjoy one in the comfort of your own home with a facial massage.

Step 1.

Choose your favourite Face Treatment Oil or Serum, warm a few drops in the palms of your hands and inhale the aroma.

Step 2.

Press the oil into your skin before working in upward circular movements through jawline, cheeks and forehead.

Step 3.

Gently pinch along the jaw line, then repeat this technique along both eye brows.

Step 4.

Using your ring finger, lightly circle under the eye from outer to inner corner and repeat.

Step 5.

With both middle fingers, criss cross in firm strokes up the centre of the forehead from nose to hairline and repeat.

Step 6.

Massage your forehead using small, circular movements and finish by applying light pressure to each temple to ease tension.

Thank you for reading.

Writer and expert