How-to: Apply Body Oil

If you’ve been treating your face to, and reaping the benefits of, a treatment oil for a while but feel a little lost when it comes to your body, we breakdown how to apply a body oil and transform your routine for intensely nourished skin from head-to-toe.

Beautiful Body

Preparation makes perfect for beautifully smooth, radiant skin, so treat your body to a Skin Brush.

With brisk strokes brush dry skin from feet to hips, wrists to shoulders, waist down and décolleté up and out, paying particular attention to any dry areas.

Pouring your preferred Body Oil blend into your hands : Detoxifying to clarify, Nourishing to deeply nurture and regenerate, Restorative to comfort and soothe, Resistance to boost defences, Soothing to destress, Energising to revitalise and Fitness to relieve tired muscles, press together, cup and hold over your nose – deeply inhaling to optimise the therapeutic effects.

Body Sweep

Pour a little more oil into your hands, press together and reach across your body, placing a relaxed flat hand on your waist. Then sweep swiftly upwards in an arc, through the centre of your chest, across the shoulder and down your arm to your fingertips – gently flicking away at the ends.

Leg Rub

Place both hands on top of your foot, smooth the oil over the front of your shin, up the sides of your thigh and around your glutes. Then sweep down the back of your leg in one smooth movement.

Next, following the same sequence, work the oil in using shorter, quicker strokes with alternate hands.

Neck and Shoulder Knead

Pour more oil into one hand if required, press together both hands and reach across the body to the top of your neck. Sweep quickly down your neck, over the top of your shoulder and across the shoulder blade. Repeat 3 times.

Next, cup one elbow with your opposite hand, lift and place your free hand on the top of your neck.

Then firmly squeeze the muscles from your neck to your shoulder, releasing tension as you knead.

Back Massage

Pause, pour more oil into your hands and press together.

With both hands sweeping alternately, work the oil in upwards from the small of your back towards your shoulder blades. Reach only as high as you can comfortably achieve.

Next, follow the same sequence, this time lightly clenching your hands to help massage and release tension.

Repeat 3 times.

Creating your very own ESPA Body Ritual boosting both body and mind, choose an oil appropriate to how you’re feeling for optimal effect – and look as radiant as you feel from the inside out.

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