The ingredients behind the Optimal Skin Collection

A common misconception is that natural products and ingredients aren’t as powerfully as scientifically enhanced acids. The benefit of natural skincare is that your skin receives the purest form of the ingredient and you will avoid reactions caused by parabens, silicone, SLS, synthetic colour and fragrance and more. Learn all about the ingredients that make ESPA Optimal Skin Collection so powerful.

Discover the route to radiance with ESPA.

Optimal Skin ProCleanser

This 3-in-1 skincare essential is infused with gentle Moringa Seed Extract, which helps condition and add moisture to the skin. It is also deeply purifying.

It is also enriched with Jojoba Oil, nature’s only liquid wax. This means that it has the power of wax with the softness of an oil, and is perfect in skincare as the unique oil derived from its seeds helps to retain moisture in skin. The natural sebum created by the skin is a similar texture to Jojoba oil, so it can be absorbed deep into the skin very easily.

Naturally derived Jojoba Spheres also work to gently exfoliate the skin. They melt away beneath your fingertips, lifting dull cells and leaving your skin clear and smooth.

Pumpkin Enzymes also help to remove dull cells without the irritation associated with AHA’s and more aggressive exfoliators. They also improve the appearance of skin tone and clarity, revealing a radiant glow.


Optimal Skin ProSerum

Enriched with delicate Sunflower Concentrate which moisturises and soothes, while also reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier function to protect against external aggressors.

White Lupin to helps to promote the firmness and elasticity of skin.

Turmeric has been used during Indian weddings for centuries, purposefully to brighten the bride’s complexion before the ceremony. Tumerones in Turmeric has active anti-oxidant properties, meaning that it is ideal for congested or mature skin. It protects and improves skin tone and radiance.

Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser

Developed with intelligent, results-enhancing ingredients, Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser is intuitive. South African Resurrection Plant is able to distribute hydration to your skin where it requires it most.

Navarra Asparagus Extract is carefully purified and hand picked to preserve the active contents. Containing a unique mechanism, Navarra Asparagus Extract helps cleanse at a cellular level, and also reduces early signs of ageing. minimise the early signs of ageing,

Yeast Bioferment revitalises skin by night, leaving you with visibly beautiful skin.


Optimal Body TriSerum

Inca Inchi Oil, rich in Omega Oils, 3, 6 and 9 preserves the delicate lipid balance of the skin, protecting and softening.

Turmeric boosts radiance and improves skin tone.

Balloon Vine Extract contains Phytosterols that soothe skin and help reduce sensitivity, calming and soothing skin.

Winged Kelp is a wonderful multi-tasking ingredient. It has anti-oxidant properties, helps maintain the firmness of skin and also helps to boost Hyaluronic Acid production. Hyaluronic Acid can hole 1000 times it’s own weight in water, making skin beautifully plump, youthful and supple.


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