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Unearth Your Second Nature

Begin the journey to a holistically new you.

ESPA Skincare was founded with the overarching belief that natural is best for skin, body and mind. ESPA fuses this philosophy with the added power of natural skincare, to deliver a promise; that ESPA will nurture the individual as a whole.

Become aligned with your second nature and feel connected with the world around you.

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Plant Actives

Combat your skincare concerns with targeted treatments using nature’s most potent ingredients.

Targeted plant actives make ESPA’s Pink Hair and Scalp Mud one of ESPA’s most loved products. With some of nature’s most potent ingredients such as Vitamin C- rich Watercress and Red Clay, the formula soothes and nourishes the scalp, while Apricot Kernel Oil conditions to help promote stronger and healthier-looking hair.

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Marine Actives

Marine actives to provide your skin with instant hydration and a surge of moisture, inspired by the wonders of the sea.

Marine actives work in harmony with your skin in ESPA’s Detoxifying Salt Scrub. Natural Sea Salt from the ocean sweeps away dry and dull cells, for skin that is radiant and silky smooth to touch.

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Aromatherapy Actives

Allow the soothing and calming properties of ESPA essential oils to replenish mind, body and skin.

Balance, replenish, regenerate. Choose your perfect facial oil based on your concerns, and allow ESPA’s pure essential oils to calm your mind and bring a new lease of life to your skin.

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Unearth Your Second Nature with ESPA

Time is precious, explore our hand crafted treatments designed exclusively with you in mind.