B is for...

B is for...

Balloon Vine Extract contains valuable Phytosterols that are skin soothing and when partnered with Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Sunflower Fraction works synergistically to help reduce sensitivity. 

Key Ingredient in: 

Skin Rescue Balm

Optimal Body TriSerum

Bay oil is extracted from Pimento or Allspice and contains natural antioxidant properties. The name Allspice originates from the association of the aroma with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. It is frequently used for its natural heady exotic aroma, and to provide a warming feeling. 

Key Ingredient in:

Fitness Body Oil 

Relaxing Salt Scrub

Fitness Shower Oil

Muscle Rescue Balm 

Fitness Bath Oil

Bearberry is known for its astringent and tonic properties and if often used in skin care to help encourage an even skin tone. 

Key Ingredient in:

Rejuvenating Hand Cream

Skin Radiance Moisturiser

Skin Radiance Mask

Skin Radiance Intensive Serum

Deeply Nourishing Body Cream

Bentonite Clay draws out excess oil and impurities from the skin.

Key Ingredient in:

Dual Action Shavemud 

Clarifying Skinscrub

Benzoin is used in aromatherapy for its soothing and refreshing properties. In skin care its calming and soothing properties mean it is recommended for very dry or sensitive skin.  

Key Ingredient in:

Essential Cleansing Mask

Beta Glucan and Chitin have been combined in this special complex to improve the appearance of the skin and reduce the visible signs of ageing. It offers a number of benefits, including skin protection, moisturisation and supplementing the skin barrier. 

Key Ingredient in:

Lift & Firm Eye Moisturiser

Repair and Restore Moisturiser

Repair and Restore Intensive Serum

Age-Rebel Moisturiser

Lifestage NET8 Serum

Birch extract provides long lasting moisturisation and increases suppleness with skin cleansing and soothing properties. 

Key Ingredient in:

The Hydrator

Bitter orange is calming to the skin. Bitter orange oil is obtained from bitter orange fruit peel and the essential oil captures the zest of freshly peeled oranges. In aromatherapy this is used to balance the mind and improve concentration. The essential oil of the bitter orange flower is better known as Neroli.  

Key Ingredient in:

Gradual Tan Face Concentrate

Detoxifying Seaweed Bath

Used in skincare for centuries because of its healing properties; anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant. 

Key Ingredient In

Triple Action Grooming Oil

Blue Malachite is mineral extract and it's antioxidant properties help to protect the skin from environmental free radicals and promote overall well being.  

Key Ingredient in:

Invigorating Body Reviver

Soothing Eye Lotion

Boerhavia diffusa is an ayurvedic Indian plant recognised for its skin calming properties. By providing both short and long term soothing effects it helps relieve skin from the cascade of feelings of discomfort linked to skin sensitivity.

Key Ingredient in: 

Cooling Body Moisturiser

Bora Bora Sand is a natural exfoliating particle.

Key Ingredient in:

Invigorating Body Reviver

Borage or Star Flower Oil improves hydration and tonicity of the skin. It is particularly suited to very dry and for prematurely ageing skin.  

Key Ingredient in:

Age-Rebel Eye Hydrator