Wedding Skincare – Our Preparation Tips

One of the happiest days of your life, where family and friends come together to see you marry the one you love – with all eyes on you, it’s only natural to want beautifully radiant skin to walk down the aisle with. Here to help you achieve that all important wedding glow, here’s our guide on how to prepare for the big day.

Start Early

It’s never too early to start a good skincare regime and create some healthy habits. If you don’t currently have a full cleansing routine – start one.

Up your game by adding a serum or face oil to boost and treat the skin – Tri-Active™ Advanced Instant Facial for instance or Optimal Skin ProSerum revitalise and nourish to provide a radiant glow. While a weekly night-time treat could involve a deeply nourishing burst of hydration with Replenishing Face Treatment Oil under Overnight Hydration Therapy.

Think about your moisturiser and if it addresses your skin concerns adequately. Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser helps to balance and maintain moisture in your skin, and adapts to your skin’s differing needs each day.

Once to twice a week, add a specific radiance mask. Our Skin Radiance Mask uses Pumpkin Enzymes to dissolve dull and dead skin cells instantly and reveals fresher, softer, more radiant looking skin.

However, avoid the temptation to try anything new up to three weeks before your wedding (including skincare, body care, hair care and make-up). Eliminating the risk of reaction, any reaction you do have could take a couple of weeks to calm and leave your system.

Have a Facial

The perfect excuse to treat yourself, 3 months before your wedding schedule a monthly facial to deeply cleanse, extract, exfoliate and hydrate the skin.

Boosting circulation and treating any conditions you may have – they’re also great to ease a busy mind.

Body and Hair

Requiring equal attention your hair and body will be under just as much scrutiny. Therefore start body brushing each morning before you shower with a Skin Brush and use a Salt Scrubonce a week to invigorate.

Follow with Optimal Body Triserum under Deeply Nourishing Body Cream for soft, supple, radiant skin you’ll feel confident to show off.

For your hair, around 2 months before, start intensely conditioning with Pink Hair and Scalp Mud once a week.

Stimulating growth, hair with be strengthened and left healthy, glossy and manageable –perfect for whichever hairstyle you choose for the day.

Lifestyle Changes

When planning your wedding skincare it’s always good to think about your lifestyle choices too. Beauty preparation starts on the inside so consider some of the following:

  • Drink plenty of water – ideally2 litres a day
  • Avoid salty food
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Reduce caffeine and processed sugar
  • Start drinking green tea
  • Eat more leafy greens and good fats such as Kale and Avocado
  • Learn to breathe! Weddings are stressful, so start practicing a few breath work rituals to help you find some inner calm when you need it the most.

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